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Reconciling queued records from a "Deleted Nurture Step"

In the event that you delete a step in a nurture that has records already "queued" to flow through the step, the system will warn you about the deletion and allow you to either mark those records as completed or move them to a new step.


You have a "Pause" step followed by a "Send Email" step. There are currently 4 records in the "Pause" step and are queued to enter the "Send Email" step when the pause time is over.


You decide you want to delete the "Send Email" step. In this scenario you will be prompted the warning message below



When you proceed, the nurture flow will show where your records are still remaining



Upon reactivating the campaign, you will receive a pop up asking you to choose to reconcile the records by either "Marketing them as Complete" or "Jump Them to a step"



When you mark the records as complete, the records will no longer move through the flow of the nurture and will be considered complete at the prior step of the deleted.

When you select the option to jump them to a step, you will be prompted with the option to select which nurture and which step exactly in that nurture you want to jump them to. Only steps that have "Jump Labels" set up will appear in the steps drop down to select from.

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