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Importing Data through Administration

What can I use to mass import my data?

Occasionally marketers have a need to mass import data into Salesfusion. While the import wizard makes is really simple to import new leads, what if you need to import a list of accounts or even opportunities? The import data capability in Salesfusion allows marketers to load in accounts, contacts, or opportunities and easily map information to various fields.


To import a list of accounts into Salesfusion, follow these steps:

  1. Create a list of accounts and all data you want to import into the account record. This must be a .csv file. If you’re working in Excel doc, don’t worry. You can choose File > Save as, and change the file type to .csv.
  2. Within Salesfusion, go to the User menu and select Account Configuration. Under the "Data" section, select ‘Import Accounts’
  3. Select your file & set your options. If the first row of your .csv file contains column headers, make sure you choose to ignore the first row, so we don’t create an account called ‘Account Name’
  4. Mapping. This is the most important component to making sure your data goes in the right spot. Map the Account Name to AccountName as well as any other data you want to import.
  5. Make sure your columns are in the right order. In the selected columns box, the first field should be in ‘Column A’ of your .csv file. The second field should be ‘Column B’, etc.
  6. Submit your request for processing. This may take some time depending on how large the file is, but you should receive an email confirmation once it’s complete.
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