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Managing and Reporting on Forms

When managing my forms, what do the different tabs or statuses mean?
A form can have one of three statuses over the course of its lifetime.

  • Draft: All forms start as a draft. Forms remain as a draft until you click the 'Publish' button.
  • Published: After clicking 'Publish, all forms transition into published. This means the form is now ready to be embedded on a webpage.
  • Staged: As soon as you edit a previously published form, it becomes staged. You can add new fields to your form, edit the styling, change your form actions, etc. All form completes will be evaluated against the last published version of the form. In order to apply your changes, click publish and update the code on your webpage if necessary. Republishing will change your form's status back to Published.

I want to see reports on how people are completing my form. Where can I find these?
Reports specific to an individual form are now found in that form's info panel. To access them, find your form on the Forms manage page, select it and move your attention to the info panel. You'll notice a new 'Reports' tab has been added next to 'Details'. Click 'Reports' to view reports available for that form.


Note - Reports are only available for Published and Staged forms. Draft forms don't have much to report on.

I made a custom Form Builder Template, how can I edit it?
We are still hard at work on a Form Template editor. In the meantime, if you want to make an edit to one of your templates, navigate Create > Form, select the template you wish to edit, make a new form and edit the design and save it as a new template.

You can then delete the old template and unnecessary form from their respective manage pages.

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